mercredi 19 mai 2010


Voilà une photo de ma toute dernière toile. Je l'ai appelée tout simplement "Poppy" (Coquelicot).
J'adore ce mot. Il sonne bien je trouve... Il y a des mots comme ça, que j'aime juste pour leur beauté calligraphique ou musicale. C'est bizarre mais c'est comme ça ;)

Et la fleur en elle-même est très jolie non?

Sinon et bien, mon expo solo à Hanovre se rapproche à grand pas...
Octobre...ohlalala je ne serai jamais prête!
Pour toutes les toiles de cette expo je ne posterai que des petits aperçus de morceaux de la toile, en attendant le vernissage... pour vous inciter à venir en vrai ;)

Bon zou, je retourne à mes pinceaux!
Mais avant je vais essayer de mettre mes jolies cartes postales et marque-pages et carnets et boités à thé et tout et tout... dans ma boutique :)

This is a picture of my latest painting. I simply called her "Poppy" (Coquelicot, in french).
I love this word. It sounds good I think ... There are words like that, that I just love for their
musical or calligraphic beauty . It's strange but true ;)

The flower itself is very pretty, don't you think?

Otherwise, well, the date of my solo show in Hanover is not so far ...
Ohlalala October ... I'll never be ready!
Concerning all the paintings in this exhibition I will post only small glimpses of the pieces , awaiting the opening ... to get you to come ;)

Well shoo, I return to my brushes!
But first I'll try to put my pretty postcards and bookmarks and notebooks and tea boxes and everything ... in my shop :)

4 commentaires:

Alexandra "fait et rit" a dit…

Jolie poppy ^^

June Leeloo a dit…

merci :)

Kathleen Truong a dit…

hi there, i recently passed by some of your artworks and was very intrigued by your beautiful paintings. i really enjoy viewing your artworks and like your style.

I'm a high school student in the United States that is currently taking art. Our project is to research an artist whose artwork you are interested in and would like to "imitate". We are suppose to do a painting inspired by one of the artists paintings. Also, we are to find information and research our artist.
Seeing that you have a website and a blog, i was wondering if i could conduct a quick interview with you for my project. It would be absolutely wonderful if you had the time to make a video with some questions answered :)
I'm a fan of your work and I hope to see more of your artwork :D

please contact me at my email

hoping to hear your reply soon :)

Lilidoll a dit…

Plein de jolies choses en perspective !!
Bravo à toi June, j'ai hâte de voir tes news :)